These are tapes that have a metallized, shiny polyester film on top and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Mylar Tapes can be used for splicing, cueing, color coding, and even for decorating. These tapes are laminated aluminum foil that have great insulation capabilities. Hence, Mylar tapes are perfect for cable wrapping and shielding. Their various properties allow these tapes to have a number of uses. As soon as Mylar tapes were introduced into the market, it replaced cellophane especially because Mylar sheets are a lot stronger. They can withstand a temperature as high as 179°C (354°F).

Applications of Mylar Tapes:

  • Tapes are used in medical x-rays and packaging
  • Industrial applications
  • Food packaging
  • Used for electronic purposes
mylar PET tape
mylar tapes
PET tape log rolls