5 Mil Kapton Tapes are constructed of Kapton HN Polyimide films and have a silicone-based adhesive on the back. The silicone-based adhesive allows for easy removal without leaving any residue. The 5 Mil Kapton tapes have proven to be very versatile when it comes to its uses and can withstand temperatures as low as -269°C (-452°F) and as high as 360°C (670°F). In addition to their insulation abilities, they have high tear strength. These are mainly due to the 5 Mil Kapton Tapes having a unique combination of properties. These properties allow them to withstand challenging environmental conditions such as vibrations and extreme temperatures. 5 Mil Kapton Tapes tapes are very reliable and durable and have offered great service to many industries over the last few decades. Some of these industries include aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, etc.


  • Used in circuit boards, for wave soldering and insulating
  • Etching and Fiber Optics Cables
  • Used in the automotive industry for manifolds and sensors
  • Insulation and powder coating
  • Used in manufacturing semiconductors