ESD Tapes or ESD Cellulose Tapes are Electrostatic Discharge tapes are mainly used to create an anti-static surface in order to generate low voltage while in use. These tapes are constructed of a clear cellulose material of 2 Mil and have a rubber adhesive on the back. The temperature range that the Kapton ESD tapes can endure is 0°C (32°F) to about 66°C (150°F). These 108 ft. long tapes are very ductile and have a tensile strength of 24 lbs. per inch.


  • Packaging and sealing ESD containers and bags
  • Used during shipment of devices that are sensitive to ESD
  • Used to keep ID DIP tubes in place
  • Electronic assembly
esd_kapton tape
ESD Kapton-tape3
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ESD kapton tape